Father’s Rights

Florida Family Lawyers Protecting the Rights of Fathers

Florida courts have come a long way in recognizing that, when both parents are committed to the best interests and welfare of their children, the law will treat mothers and fathers equally when deciding matters of family law. The law provides that, in most circumstances, both parents deserve frequent and continuing contact withtheir children, retain a fair portion of assets, and enjoy reasonable and fair custody and visitation rights.

Additionally, the courts now recognize that children are best served by having both parents provide regular, hands-on parenting, and by having both parents involved in making key decisions regarding children’s medical care, education, and other important matters.

Nonetheless, the issue of fathers’ rights remains at the forefront of family law, and fathers remain concerned that they will be at a disadvantage when courts make crucial decisions regarding their post marriage rights. If you have questions regarding fathers’ rights or seek legal representation to protect your rights as a father, we can help.

Fathers and men going through the divorce or paternity process are often concerned about their rights regarding:

  • The establishment of child custody and visitation rights that are fair and reasonable and reflect the father’s wishes.
  • The arrangement of reasonable, non-excessive child support and spousal support payments.
  • The protection of assets.

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